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Mr. Sunjjoy Chaudhri Giving Training To Participants

The Story of Setup Mastery Starts in 2021. Online Influencer Markets Group, the Founding Company, was Established with a Mission to make Company Case Study and Online Trading Accessible to the Message. The Group has since Rebranded and Evolved, but its Founding Mission Remains Unchanged. Our Evolution is Powered by Over 12 years of Participants Focus and Innovation.

Did my First Counselling It was an Incredible Experience! I Never Thought I will be able to Engage the Crowd for Full Day, but it Went Really Well. Dr. Vivek Bindra, Arfeen Khan, Siddharth Rajsekar, Rajiv Talreja (Success Gyan) System Really of the Course and it Worked Like Magic. I Honestly Believe Game Changers Festival has Gone in Our Blood! I Kept Imagining Dr. Vivek Bindra his Honesty & his Burning Drive to Contribute & I did with the same Sincerity.

“Working with Sunjjoy Chaudhri gives you the Courage to Dream big Can't-Wait for the Coming Months to Unfold and Watch the Dreams turn into Reality” “Sunjjoy Chaudhri is a Person of Spirit, Insight, Leadership, and Talent who Comes Along to Lead Generation of People to a New Fresh and Wholly Inviting Place for Understanding and Love”

It Never Ceases to Amaze me How Much Time People Waste Searching Endlessly for Magic Shortcuts to Entrepreneurship Success and Fulfillment when the Only Real Path is Staring them Right in the Face: Real Entrepreneurs who Start Real Businesses that Employ Real People who Provide Real Products and Services to Real Participants.

Yes, I know that’s Hard. It's a lot of work. What can I say, that’s Life? Besides, Look on the Bright Side: You get to do what you want and you get to do it your Way. There’s Just One Catch. You’ve Got to Start Somewhere. Ideas and Opportunities don’t Just Materialize Out of Thin Air.

The Only Way I know to Get Started is by Learning a Marketable Skill and Getting to Work. In My Experience, That’s Where the Ideas, Opportunities, Partners, and Finances Always Seem to Come From. Sure, it also takes an Enormous Amount of Hard Work, but that Just Comes With the Territory.

If You Want to do Entrepreneurship Right, Here are Eight Stories you’ve Probably Never Heard About Companies you’ve Most Definitely Heard of. We Need to Wealth Management Knowledge Updating and Backup to Your Business… Setup Mastery !

Modern Monk

Search Loophole

Search Loophole

Mr. Sunjjoy Chaudhri (Founder of Setup Mastery)

Mr. Sunjjoy Chaudhri

Business case Study Expert

I Spent the Last 14 years of my Life Building a Business, My Personal Brand, and Helping Businesses Around the World Grow, Skyrocket their Profits, and Crush and Surpass their CCS and International Business Influencer Goals

Short With Strength

Short With Strength

Describes The Desired Future Position of the




We Love to Work With Smart and Talented People Who are Eager to Roll Up Their Sleeves and Get Things Done.



We Believe That We Should Always do the Right Thing. This Includes Serving our Customers With Honesty and Transparency, Settling all Contracts by the Book, and Communicating in Plain Language that Can be Easily Understood.



We Value Positive Team Players Who Can Work Together to Overcome Challenges and Achieve Common Goals.

participants focus

Participants Focus

We Always Put Our Customers First and Dedicate Ourselves to Building Products and Services that Give them the Best
Trading Experience Possible.


Success Roadmap
Success Roadmap

The Best in Automotive Success Story


Success Roadmap

What’s Different About Working At Setup Mastery?


We have Spread

We Have Fun Along the Way. We don’t Have a Dress Code, and Our Cosy Offices Have Communal Areas for Mealtimes, Exercise, and Games. We also Enjoy Spending Time Together at Team Outings and Company


We’re Growing Fast

Our Team is Growing Rapidly and we're Always On the Lookout for the Best Talent to Join Us On Our Mission. You'll be a Part of an
Energetic Team that Moves Quickly
to Bring Outstanding Results.


We’re Global

As Part of an International Influencer Team, you'll get to Share Your Expertise and Expand your Knowledge with Colleagues From Around the World. We Encourage Collaboration Across Teams and Locations Because We know that's How we Can Bring Forward the Best Ideas.


We invest in our employees

Employees Give Them Consistent Opportunities to Grow. In Addition to Learning and Development On the Job, We Provide Education Assistance and Sponsor Training Courses an Employee is Personally Interested In.


We’re Purpose-Driven

Our Customers are at the Heart of Everything We do, and that Drives us to Succeed. We Value Commitment Over Complacency and Accept Challenges Rather than the Status Quo.


Employees have a Voice

In What We Do. We Challenge and Support each other to find Robust Solutions
that Solve Problems
for Our Customers and Partners.