Our Success History

  • 2022

    Company Case Study - Search Business Loophole

    In 2022 We launched Company Case Study, giving you an Invaluable Opportunity to share Experiences and Discover new ideas

    If you are an aspiring Entrepreneur, Or Existing Business Owner who has an interest in innovation and Creative Thinking, then we will Equip you with the Tools to Succeed

    You may be a Recent or Experienced Graduate within the field of Business and Management looking to Expand your Entrepreneurial Knowledge. Perhaps you have Ambitions to start your Business but want to Learn from the Leading Business Influencer and Research in the Field

    You will Learn about the Principles, Theories and Practices used by Entrepreneurial and innovative Organizations. you will be set Challenges to Work on Contemporary Problems identified throughout the industry. You will Learn how to Work Effectively within Dynamic Teams, How to Problem-Solve and how to Lead Entrepreneurially


  • 2021

    Mega Setup Mastery: Go to The Next Level

    We Celebrate 12 years of innovation and Growth! Inspired by our clients who are driven. To succeed we launch setupmastery.com Featuring Customizable Training and Coaching for RAPID GROWTH SETUP in the World.

    Continuing its global expansion www.setupmastery.com Mega Setup Mastery is created to be a place.

    Open offices in India It also strengthens its global where people can learn what is Important to Start their Business

  • 2020

    The Next Start-up Idea - Mega Setup Mastery Program

    The Mega Setup Mastery Program is our next step. It is created, designed, and taught by Mr. Sunjjoy Chaudhri, who over the last 12 years has Worked as the best facilitators and trainers in the world. Chances are you know some of them. There is a huge difference in the reach, income, and profile between “Setup”, average “Mastery” and world-class.

    If you are just starting, already experienced, or just thinking about it, you will be receiving life-changing training from Mr. Sunjjoy Chaudhri himself that will transform and expand whatever level you are currently at. People will see you as different.

    By the time you leave the Mega Setup Mastery Program, you will Be a great Influencer. Even after these three short days, on your worst day of presenting, you will be better than 95% of all Influencer out there on their best days.

    Regular Master Webinar Influencer Program Created in India.


  • 2019

    Achievements of Awards and Rewards

    The service is recognized as a reliable and secure online Influencer platform for all levels of Entrepreneurs. Mr. Sunjjoy Chaudhri earns the ‘Best Fixed Wealth Provider’ Award from International Business Influencer in India 2019.

    The Company also earns the Investors Chronicle award for ‘Best Participants Solution, a recognition for the platform’s ethical and customer-focused CCS and Trading Experience.


  • 2018

    Authorized Regent Market Payment Agent

    Malta (UK) Payment Agent Services Authority given to FxPopsan Exchangers. Binary.com Grants FxPopsan exchanger as India top services in Payment Agent, Affiliate Agent and IB Partners.

    Crypto Expo Events Attended in 3 Countries

    (Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia)


  • 2017

    Started Conducting Seminars and Webinars

    The outcome is Where Entrepreneur wants to be. The Coach Helps the Entrepreneurs Create a clear vision of Where they Want to be And What the Outcome Would look like if it Were Already Achieved.

    The Entrepreneurs Gets Clarity on the Goals of this Step.

    Webinars and Seminars Started all over India.


  • 2016

    Started Entrepreneurship Development Program

    Being a Subject Matter Expert

    Giving Suggestions, Thinking for Others, Advising, Fixing, Guiding, Judging, Directing, Instructing, Counseling, Training, and Acknowledging.

    Recurring Revenue Model and competence Business Assessment.


  • 2015

    Giving Services in Different Sectors

    • Administrative Services Setup
    • Technology Services Setup
    • Entrepreneur Solutions Setup
    • Wealth Creation Setup

    Being a subject matter expert Company Case Study Setup in the Global Activity.

    Intellectual Content Contained within is the Sole Setup.

    Our Biggest Rapid Growth Started Worldwide


  • 2014

    Learning Started with Dr. VIVEK BINDRA

    • DR. VIVEK BINDRA (Learning Started)
    • Attended Leadership Funnel
    • CCS knowledge Started Setup in India
    • Largest Study and Practice Started in a New Start-up, Micro, Solo, SME, Corporate Level


  • 2013

    A New Project Connected to the FxPopsan Exchangers

    We Will Never Use Technical Terms or FxPopsan to Promote You to Solutions That You Don't Need. You Have the Right to Get Answers to Your Queries in A Way That Is Direct, Easy to Understand, And Allows You to Make the Most Educated Decisions for Your Business, in One Simple Platform

    Binary.com offers the world's financial markets in a simple, user-friendly platform. Another New Project Connected to the FxPopsan Exchangers.

    Understand the simple idea behind Binary.com options and their advantages over other financial instruments.


  • 2012

    Started Giving a Future Growth Plan that fits Industry!

    The solution that Suits Your Needs,

    When you join us in Malgangas Consultancy, we will Access the Landscape of your current Business, as well as Where you will go in the future, will also make Recommendations That fit your current needs and also support future growth. In your future Success.


  • 2011

    Started Giving Consulting Services

    Our Consulting Practices for Business, Administrative Services, Technology Services, and Wealth Management Work with Clients Across every industry Such as Financial, Retail, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Etc., To Increase Their Profitability and Accelerate Revenue Growth. We Help Integrate Appropriate Domain Expertise and Skills in Management Consulting, Business Analysis, Wealth Management, and Digital Technology - To Drive Transformation for your Customers.


  • 2010

    India’s Largest Exchangers E-Currency Services

    Mr. Sunjjoy Chaudhri Launches FxPopsan Exchangers New Firm Setup in the world. The first platform to offer Online E-Currency Options trade to retail traders. FxPopsan Exchangers is India’s Largest Exchangers E-Currency Services, Trade Project. The Name Suggests, we Stand for almost Convenience to buy, Sell and Exchanges Different Currencies from A Single Marketplace. FxPopsan Exchangers India’s First Entrant into the Fiat E- Currency Space.

  • 2009

    Started Marketing Consulting Services

    We are Offering Marketing Consulting Services for this year.

    After this company moved Forward swiftly and Generated revenue to keep Serving Others

    In a Complicated task such as a space mission, there has to be a series of plans for every conceivable contingency.


  • 2008

    Started New Business Journey

    Malgangas Consultancy is born A young Entrepreneur who Collaborates with Marketing to Develop algorithms for the world. First Fixed -odds trading system for retail investors. The Malgangas Consultancy Group is Born, Business Consulting Experts Embrace your Business And with you throughout the life cycle of your Solution from The Definition of your Strategy to managing your Eco-system,

    We Provide Support, Expertise, and Experience and accompany you as your business grows and changes. When you choose to work with Malgangas consultancy, Our Promise is a Commitment to you not Just Our Bottom Line. Founded by Mr. Sunjjoy Chaudhri